Re: USRA Gondola in 1943?

Ray Breyer

--- On Wed, 7/27/11, S hed wrote:
Thanks Ray for the information which triggered another
question. Do you think that it would take much work to
rework a Intermountain car into one of these IC cars? I am
at work so I don't access to my train stuff. - Steve H,

Hi again Steve!

That's a non-starter, unless you're thinking about using only the underframe and the wood from the IMC kit and scratching everything else! The sides are completely different, as are the ends. Actually, this car would be pretty simple to scratchbuild, since everything on it except for the ends are stock Evergreen parts. Using Archer rivets would make the process a whole lot faster.

I'll send you some information on these cars off-list shortly.

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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