Re: Climax radial roof


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Eric Hansmann wrote:
I think this C&O car has the Climax Radial roof."
I replied:
"Correct; C&O 7000-7649."

David Thompson replied:
"Cambre radial roof."

What source are you quoting from?  My Climax Radial Roof call came from Ed
Hawkins'  spreadsheet linked in my previous post.  To muddy the waters further,
Ted Culotta identifies the roof for these cars as Hutchins radial roofs.  Anyone

have any C&O documentation conclusively proving what roof these cars had?  (And
I'm looking directly at YOU, Al Kresse.)
The C&O diagram simply says "Hutchins" without further detail. The roof is question is that same one that DT&I used on their USRA ds rebuilds. DT&I identified that roof as "Cambre" on their diagram.

David Thompson

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