Re: Climax radial roof

Ed Hawkins

On Jul 27, 2011, at 8:25 PM, Benjamin Hom wrote:

What source are you quoting from?  My Climax Radial Roof call came
from Ed
Hawkins'  spreadsheet linked in my previous post.  To muddy the
waters further,
Ted Culotta identifies the roof for these cars as Hutchins radial
roofs.  Anyone

have any C&O documentation conclusively proving what roof these cars
had?  (And
I'm looking directly at YOU, Al Kresse.)

Ben Hom
My data shows Hutchins radial roof for C&O 7000-7649. The list of 1932
ARA cars published on the STMFC, which was a list assembled by several
people but is credited in my name, simply states "R" for Radial Roof in
the roof column and does not specify which type or manufacturer.
Therefore I don't know where the "Climax" came from. This should clear
the waters.

More specifically, the C&O diagram for series 7000-7649 states the cars
had Hutchins roofs with a note 11 that states "50 cars to have SRE
Co's. paneled type roof applied. #14 ga." This diagram is originally
dated June 1934 with 7 revisions, the latest being 1-3-60 (hard to
read, but that's what I think it says). I don't know when note 11 was
applied. In addition, there's note 1 that specifies Ajax hand brake
replacing geared type.
Ed Hawkins

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