Re: USRA Gondola in 1943?

Dean Payne

The W&LE rebuild appears to be a 30000-series auto car, rebuilt in 1934 and 35 from 29000-series SS auto cars. Here's a link to a diagram:

Note the Viking roof, and the two short panels to the left of the doors. I'll send you a photo off-line.

Dean Payne

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Steve Hedlund asked:
"I have run across a Shorpy photo of what appears to be of USRA origins with
rebuilt(?) steel ends. Here is the link:

The car in question is the IC gondola on the right side of the picture. My 1954
IC Freight Car Diagram Book isn't much help with this car.

What do you guys think?"

NOT a USRA gondola.  The car does not have the pressed steel diagonals or the
"open" center panel of the USRA gon.

Another great photo that challenges modelers' assumptions - note the variations
in weathering, the fact that none of it looks like anything blasted out of an
airbrush, and the subtle variation in heights and textures of the freight cars
that the eye notices despite being at "three feet".  Other freight cars include
an Erie 1932 ARA boxcar with Buckeye ends, a very dirty B&O M-26 subclass
boxcar, two IC SS automobile boxcars, a WLE steel rebuild that I've not before
encountered, and a freshly painted NYC DS boxcar.

I'll do some more digging tonight after I get home.
Ben Hom

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