Re: Alternate prototypes for Tony Thompson's "Tank car kit swap"?


Similar cars for Warren and Columbian Gas for "natural gas" date back to 1929/30. I have decals for both.

Jerry Glow
The Villages FL

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Tony Thompson has an interesting article in July's RMC for swapping the tanks and frames on two cars, to yield a 8,000 gallon General American car, and an ACF 8,000 gallon insulated ICC Clas 104 car. I welcome the idea of some distinctive tank cars without having to go resin. But... the first one is lettered for an admittedly obscure West Coast owner, for some (very good) personal reasons. I, on the other hand, would be interested in knowing what other owners the car could be lettered for. I figured if anyone knew, they'd be on this list.
Likewise the insulated car: what other prototypes are there for this? Since the dome was scratched, if the prototype had different domes on the same frame/tank combo, a slightly different dome could be scratched. Any candidates? I fear the Warren car may be too modern for my late 30's layout ("New 7-45").

Dean Payne

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