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Thanks, now I'm prepared.

Ron Merrick

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Hi Ron -

Soo Line's equipment diagram 2-N covers Soo series 45100-45498, even
(200 cars), and W.C. series 136800-137198, even (200 cars), built in
1950-51. According to the diagram, 45100-45248, even (75 cars) and
136800-136948, even (75 cars) had ASF Ride Control A-3 trucks. The
other cars in these series (250 cars) had Barber S-2-B Stabilized

These cars were assembled at Soo Line's North Fond du Lac, WI shops.
Similar 40' boxcar series assembled there from 1948 through 1957 all
used both these ASF and Barber trucks.

For now, Ken Soroos

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