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I don't know the specifics of poultry packing, but there were two ways reefers were iced. The bunkers were loaded with block ice along with salt to lower the temperature, but they were also iced through the main door with a truck that blew crushed ice into any available open space. I have some old video of this crushed ice being blown into a reefer containing vegetables, but I don't know if this technique was ever used for poultry.

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24 hours huh. Not frozen poultry sound reasonable too.

Here's why I asked. I have a poultry processor on the layout. I was told the reefers were iced by the elevator where the artificial ice company truck could get next to the cars to ice them. (photos show reefers by the elevator's coal sheds) Then they were moved to the chicken pluckers.

For my operating sessions:
Ops 1 - I have the switch crew spot an empty reefer by the ice truck parked next to the elevator. After some time they move the car to the poultry place. We'll say they have the car iced in the morning and have it spotted for loading in the afternoon.
Ops 2 - The next day. Car is picked up and added to a train that leaves town early evening.

It is over 24 hrs from the time the car is iced to when it leaves town.

But, for model operations I think I've pretty much covered the moves the real railroad would have made.

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