Re: weathering with artist oil paint

Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...>

This should not take too long (24 hours?) as you will be making more of a
tinted thinner rather than thin paint. You should also add some Winsor &
Newton Liquin to as a flow aid. Don't forget to clear coat the model first
as this will also help flow. (I'm not sure about the drying time because
working the next day has never been a problem for me.)


From: STMFC@... [mailto:STMFC@...] On Behalf Of
Randy Arnold

I have been weathering with acrylic washes but do not like the effects of
the surface tension in the water based media. I have started to try and use
artist oil paints from a tube. My question is what is the drying time for
this method. How many days should one let the model sit before handling it
or adding more effects?

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