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I have a photo of a MoPac 40ft boxcar, MP 31783, with Morton running board
and cross walks, but a plain brake step, taken in 1956 whilst being
mechanically unloaded at a grain elevator. This is from Baltimore Museum of
Industry, so I assume the unloading was actually in Baltimore Port facilities.

Barry Bennett
Coventry, England.

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You're trying to look at the database from the bottom-up I'm afraid --
I don't know anyone who maintains a list of that kind.

A scan reveals A&EC, ATSF/SFRD, B&O, BAR, C&NW, D&H, GN, IC, L&N, LV, NP,
NYC, RF&P, SAL, SOO, SOU, SP&S, SP/T&NO, WP, UP all had freight cars with
Morton rb's. But I'm not saying which ones. :-) And I'm sure that list is
not complete.

Tim O'Connor

I'm trying to find out where I can find out which cars used the Morton
round hole
running boards, except the PFE series of reefers, already have that info.
particularly for 40' & 50' boxcars and covered hoppers.
Thanks in advance,
Bud Rindfleisch

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