Re: Morton running boards

Bill Kelly

try this:

It is in the Baltimore Museum of Industry.

Bill Kelly

Tim wrote:

Barry, is there any way you could share that image? MP 31783 was a
1932 ARA box car (MP 30000-32499 built 1936-1937 by Mount Vernon.)
I'd guess the Morton running board was a replacement for the
original running board.

One of the Delano Bensenville photos shows MP 31059, and it appears
to have a wood rb (although the image is blurry).

A Mount Vernon builder photo of MP 31999 shows a wood rb.

Tim O'Connor

I have a photo of a MoPac 40ft boxcar, MP 31783, with Morton
running board and cross walks, but a plain brake step, taken in 1956
being mechanically unloaded at a grain elevator. This is from
Museum of Industry, so I assume the unloading was actually in
Baltimore Port
Barry Bennett
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