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I am working on a model of a covered hopper. The diagram I am using specifies pneumatic discharge hoppers. Can anyone describe the difference between these and say, Enterprise Doors, on the discharge hoppers? Or perhaps point me toward a picture so I can figure out the difference? I'm not sure what target I am shooting for.
thank you in advance
Chris Tilley
Pittsboro, NC
I think for the most part pneumatic discharge gates postdate the 1960 cut-off of this list. You might have better luck on the Baby Boomer Freightcar List:

As a general rule, gravity gates look like flat sliding plates, while pneumatic discharge gates look like lengths of stovepipe mounted crosswise to the car. Sometimes these were mounted to the bottom of a sliding gravity outlet gate, so the car could be used either way. Car and Loco cyc/s from the sixties and seventies have lots of illustrations.


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