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Jim Mischke

In B&O files located in various places, there are a number of Bills of Materials for B&O freight car orders existing for study. These are jaw droppingly insightful.

B&O ( ..... and I assume other railroads ..... ) spread the business around. A single 1000 boxcar order can have three different brake beams, two different running boards, two different truck sideframe castings, and three different power brake wheels. In these bills of materials, the car series' were called out, which car numbers had what equipment.

I used to make generalizations about freight car hardware from several photos, but the B&O experience shows equipment varies greatly, even within the same order.

This perspective makes freight car databases, either informal or comprehensive, something of a fool's errand.

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I saved the picture purely because of the running board and also the date
fits exactly into my modelling period.

Barry Bennett

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And that's a replacement for the original wooden running board. Probably
applied by MoPac, since the paint isn't original either. I wish I knew how
many wood-running-board cars had them replaced with steel ones, and I wish I
knew which types in proportion, but I'd have to guess it was whoever was
low bid the day the stores master issued a requisition.

Ron Merrick

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I have a photo of a MoPac 40ft boxcar, MP 31783, with Morton running
and cross walks, but a plain brake step, taken in 1956 whilst being
mechanically unloaded at a grain elevator. This is from Baltimore Museum
Industry, so I assume the unloading was actually in Baltimore Port

Barry Bennett
Coventry, England.

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