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Tim O'Connor wrote:
It's not always a fool's errand. Tony Thompson back in 1993 wrote an article on SP 40' steel box cars that covered ALL of the permutations of running boards, doors, trucks, and brakes -- It is foolish NOT to consult Tony's article (Feb & Mar 1993) when building any of SP's 10'0" box cars :-)
Thanks for the kind words, Tim, about my RMC article. But that was well before I had found ALL the prototype data, now collected in my volume on SP box cars (Vol. 4 of the series, _Southern Pacific Freight Cars_ from Signature Press). I should warn anyone who might rely entirely on the old RMC tabulation that a few of those entries have been corrected in the book, though the great bulk of what is in the RMC article is in fact right.
And even in the book, a typo did creep in, to Table 12-3. Anyone who finds it can ask, and I'll provide the correct entry.

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