Re: Another interesting Shorpy photo

Steve Stull

Tom, in my case, with the current version of Opera, it failed twice, and worked twice, using the same address, pasted into 4 different windows.  Go figure. 
On a better note, there are a few more pictures of the Detroit, and another car ferry.

At the Shorpy site, use the search terms  (with quotes)   "Detroit"  +  "Transfer Steamer"
One photo titled "In the Ice: 1905"  (which I believe has been discussed here previously) is simply spectacular.
Most photos show the Detroit loaded with Steam Era Freight Cars.
Enjoy the shots.
Steve Stull

--- On Tue, 8/2/11, John Degnan <Scaler164@...> wrote:

Tom, All the record... all of the links have worked fine for me using Internet Explorer. Don't see why it won't load for you...

John Degnan

Tim O'Connor wrote:


> Looks better if you remove the 'preview' ... :-)



OK, what am I doing wrong? That link gives an immediate "Page not found" in both IE and Safari on two different computers. If I put a backslash character at the end of "jpg" I go to a Shorpy index page which has several interesting images but not the one in question. If I search Shorpy for 4a21996a I get the same index page.

Tom Madden

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