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O Fenton Wells

Bud, The Southern railway was a big user of Morton "Open Grip" running
boards. The first 50 foot boxcars to be equi8ped with them were
41500-41549, 40200-40249 and 41500-41549. These runnning boards were also
used on 40 foot boxcars and bay window cabooses. I have the car numbers
that used Morton Rrunning boards in 1956 and can send them to you off line
if needed.
Hope this helps
Fenton Wells
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I'm trying to find out where I can find out which cars used the Morton
round hole running boards, except the PFE series of reefers, already have
that info. Looking particularly for 40' & 50' boxcars and covered hoppers.

Have you been to the Steam Era Freight Cars sight and checked the boxcar
data there? If not, here is a link...

-John Hile

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