Re: Another interesting Shorpy photo

Malcolm H. Houck

Oh, and the smell of all that coal smoke. That is something I miss
already. And I bet in the future -- say year 2011-- there will be people
that have never had a whiff of it in their entire lifetime.

Not so long ago, upon taking a recently rebuilt and detailed NYO&W
Double Cab (Camelback) to run and test on my club layout, one member
inquired about the center cab configuration; -- never having seen such a

I explained that the design was to make use of anthracite coal, needing the
wide Wooten firebox, and such that the cab was mounted astride the center
of the boiler. A quizzical look returned...........and then I realized, and
after asking this fellow member, that he was unaware of the existence of
anthracite coal.........or that coal(s) have different names and ranks
to their chemistries and proportions of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Most
specifically my fellow member was unaware that there exists even more
than one........ single type or grade of coal!

Mal Houck

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