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Armand Premo

Speaking of Branchline, I am still looking for an NC&StL #14224 and a D&TSW #1602.Anyone out there with extras?Armand Premo

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Got it.

Whenver I doubted Branchline's choice of paint, about 80% of them turned out to be right.

I'm closing in on building the last of the Branchline decorated kits I acquired over the years, and I'd say I was pretty happy overall. I've even ok with a lot of the schemes they applied to cars that were just slightly different, with respect to sill contour and so forth, since in most cases it was an easy matter to cut away material to get the shapes right. Not so easy on some of the newer prototypes, when the full-length sill started to be common, but I've even done some of those successfully. And, of course, there are often decals to modify an undec for some of the more complicated full-length sills and other mods.

Next: I have enough undecs, and I'll strip a few of the ones that just didn't come close enough (I have a four-pack of Santa Fe Bx44, for instance), to do the many paint schemes that Branchline didn't have time to do. Examples would be a UP B-50-38/39 repaint, or a B-50-41, and so on, suitable for a 1960 Kansas location. Should keep me busy for a while.

Was a great run. Thank you, Branchline, and the guys who made it happen.

Ron Merrick


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