Re: Lauderdale Report

Garth G. Groff <ggg9y@...>

Mike and friends,

Did Marklin indicate that the B-50-24/27 boxcars are still to be sold in blocks of 10? Is there still
interest in this group of dividing a block among several of us? I could use one or two of these things,
but will pass if I have to buy 10.

Wow! A-50-19 and R-40-14s. Count me in for some of those too.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

Mike Brock wrote:

... Marklin/Trix: My first which booth I was going to try to
determine one way or another the quality of pending UP frt cars and CA-3/4
cabooses. Before I could open my mouth I gazed upon a string of about 20
B-50-24 and B-50-27 box cars...all with ACR rivets and correctly modeled
bracket grabs. The box cars appear to be of P2K/BLT,IM/RC quality. As I was
reaching for one, a Trix sales rep guided me to a model of the CA-3. It
looks to be as good as the brass models I have. The rep then showed me the
Marlin catalog...which I have...which shows models of the A-50-19 and PFE
R-40-14 [ in the black & white double herald ]. The rep told me that the 24
and 27s were now in the warehouse and being shipped. I must point out that
there are several paint schemes on the 24 & 27 with appropriate reweigh
dates...'49,'52 and '53 and later, for example...and OSL and OWR&N
represented as well as UP....

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