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It would appear that Tim has asked for others to help in this not-so-easy undertaking. You have supplied additional data which, I am sure, Tim will incorporate into the database.

While there may have been other ways to begin the project, one has to start somewhere elsewise no database would be available at all.

Thanks to Tim for having the where-with-all to undertake the project and to you for providing additional data. Please continue to do so.

John Hagen

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Hi All
I have uploaded a database on CMO and CNW Steel Frame
Single Sheath and Double Sheathed Boxcars that I am working
on. It contains information from August 1992 and September
2003 Mainline Modeler along with some other information I
have found.
If anyone can help fill in the blanks it would be greatly
appreciated. This will be available to anyone that will find
it useful.
Tim Meyer

Hi Tim,

You may want to re-think your approach to this database. Using secondary source material as your primary research aid usually isn't the best thing in the world. For example, here are the C&NW and CMO car number series that I know you've missed:

Single sheathed cars:
CMO 22416
CNW 32900-32998
CNW 49000-49398
CNW 49400-49798
CNW 49800-49998
CNW 50000-50998
CNW 52000-53998
CNW 54000-55198
CNW 55200-55598
CNW 55600-55802
CNW 55804-55994
CNW 63000-64898
CNW 74900-76898
CNW 110000-110998
CNW 111000-111998
CNW 111762-111984

Double sheathed cars:
CMO 1100-11198
CMO 18002-19882
CMO 20002-21538
CMO 22000-22584
CMO 23000-26978
CMO 8500-8598
CNW 11000-11398
CNW 51000-51098
CNW 54000-55998
CNW 68844-72860
CNW 72948-74306
CNW 74308-90206
CNW 91000-92998
CNW 105000-108998
CNW 112000-113998

And I'm sure I've missed SEVERAL car series (these are only the single and double sheathed cars since 1945).

I'd suggest starting with original source material, or "historically relevant secondary source material" such as the ORERs. There are over 20 available as free downloads on Google Books, which should get you started on the double sheathed cars at least. To track their single sheathed cars, several people sell CDs with scans of various ORERs; the C&NW bought their first SS cars around 1914-1916, and used them into the 1970s. After that, look around for C&NW car diagram books to fact-check the ORERs and to fill in some blanks (I've got their 1951 book as a PDF). Spot check everything and fill in data holes by using any photographs you can find of the cars: the Fallen Flags website and the photo holdings at the Library of Congress are good places online to start looking.

THEN use the hobby press secondary source material.

Hope this helps!
Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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