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Armand Premo

Boy did I stick my neck out on that one.The underbody detail is horrible and should be totally replaced.Cast on ladders are a chore to remove as are the grab irons.The rivets are too large,the doors ,running boards, laterals and brake detail are all throw aways.So what do we have left after we remove all that? A roof that is questionable,ends and sides.I have a few stand ins that are ready for the trash bin.Given a choice I would ask,did this car ever run on the roads that I model.Have at it guys.Armand Premo

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C&BT shells come with either 4/4 or 1/3/4 ends, too, and either rectangular- or diagonal-panel roofs. Not *all* combinations were made, but a lot were.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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> On Aug 7, 2011, at 11:28 AM, Tim O'Connor wrote:
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> >> Rather crude by present standards.Hardly worth the effort IMHO,
> >> but I quess it's the show in town.
> >> Armand Premo
> >
> > I don't know why folks run down the C&BT box cars. Are they as good as
> > Branchline cars? No. But they can be built into perfectly respectable
> > models. To model a double door car I'd always look first at single
> > door
> > cars -- C&BT made 10 panel and 12 panel box cars with 6' 7' 8' doors.
> > That means a wide variety of riveted panel widths!!
> Tim is entirely correct about this. The basic C&BT car bodies,
> floors, underframes, and doors are pretty good and easily made better
> with a little tweaking. Most of the detail parts are a disaster but
> are easily replaced with the various running boards, ladders, hand
> brakes, air brake parts, trucks, etc. that are now readily
> available. If a C&BT body will work where nothing else is available,
> it's well worth the effort to upgrade it.
> Richard Hendrickson


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