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There was a PRR train in 1952 and maybe other years (don't have the make-up
of trains with me at work) that carried tomato paste/puree for Campbell soup
in NJ. The cars were listed as block of their own. The cars were in the
train when it left Chicago and were identified as tank cars probably because
carrying foodstuff they did not need to be separated from the cabin or
locomotives. Don't know the origin of the shipment.

Rich Orr

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When I was in high school and college that water is the "universal
Jared Harper
Athens, GA

If you've had kids, you know that's not true... ketchup is the universal
solvent... although I must hazard that it probably needs to be thinned
itself to be airbrushed.

Which brings me to a freight car question. I know that various food-grade
oils (e.g. palm oil) and sugar solutions (e.g. molasses) were transported by
tank car - how about fruit or vegetable purees? Or was that business small
enough or local enough that bulk transport of product was not necessary?
Certainly, there would be issues with acidity (tomatoes) or fermentation
(one reason why it was argued here that bulk transport of grape juice was


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