Re: C&BT Shops

Steve Haas

<<Oops, I omitted at least one issue -- RMJ 5/1991 --

Tim O' :-)>>


Thanks for the additional info. Link is filed for future reference. As luck
would have it this article discusses the CV&T 0500 - sadly not one of the
kits I have in inventory.

Best regards,

Steve Haas
Snoqualmie, WA

Steve Haas wrote

> The other 16 are spread out through the list and need prototypes -
> kit numbers are bogus? Can folks provide road name and series for
> prototypes for the legitimate versions?


Wow. Ya know, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect modelers here to
be able to do at some least SOME of their own research. I just did a quick
scan of my saved emails and found 400 that mentioned C&BT. I'll give you a
leg up -- you can check Railmodel Journal articles from 9/1989, 12/1989,
1/1990, 2/1990, 7/1990, 5/1992, 12/1992, 10/1999.

Also Mainline Modeler 1/1991 (Mike: A-50-19), 10/1992, 9/1993, 4/1994.

Tim O'Connor


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