Re: NKP box car

Brian Carlson

Clark, I'll send you some scans when I ship your kit. Haven't received your
order yet.

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga, NY

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Clark and Eileen
Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2011 4:57 PM
Subject: [STMFC] NKP box car

I showed my historical society support by buying a Branchline box car from
the Nickel Plate HS. I looked at the list Ed Hawkins put on the Steam
Freights website finding these cars (7100 series) had Ajax hand brake, Apex
running boards, older Youngstown doors and 8 rung ladders.

What wasn't in the fine copulation was the type of truck these cars rode on.
Anyone know?

Thanks for any help : ))
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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