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Denny! I haven't heard from you in some time now.

At our last regional NMRA meet I gave a 2 hour workshop on scratchbuilding turnouts, basically the same workshop I attended 40 years ago when I was stationed at Hill AFB, Utah. I normally build the frog and guard rail assembly in 30 to 45 minutes. It's really very easy to do and I get much more reliable operation from my turnouts than ony commercial product. Four people signed up so I thought there would be plenty of time to show them how to arrange the various rail components. Boy was I wrong! None of them knew how to solder simple brass parts together! I spent most of my time showing them how to use a file, flux, soldering iron (I let them use mine as they all had those wimpy 15W electronic irons), and other basic tools. My conclusion is that a lot of today's modelers rely completely upon commercial products. I won't be giving that workshop again.

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It is so very, very easy to sneer, look down, and disparage the efforts of modelers of years, decades ago. However, their completed work was most often -always?- the result of the modeler's skill and craftsmanship making do with parts and materials then at hand, while too often at the present ,the fine completed models from Kadee, IM, etc. only represent the fine skills of the mold and pattern makers, with little or no input whatsoever by the modeler-end user.

IMHO, a lot of us (most of us?) may indeed be mere pikers compared to the achievements of so many of the great railroad modelers of the past, and it is healthy for us to be so humbled.

The fine resin kits to which I am addicted are not entirely immune from this viewpoint of minimal end point modeler e added value. Having said this, it is now back to the porch-bench to enjoyably (!!) work on two of Al's Milwaukee wonderful double sheathed boxcars, and a pair of ore cars. Some Sunshine kits are in the wings. All challenging, and all the results of extremely fine resin casting and pattern work).


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