The orphan

Clark Propst

I redesigned my layout last year. I no longer have any continuous running - so, no through trains. I have a Westerfield Reading gondola with a load of steel billets. The model matches a prototype car in a railroad list I have. Problem is I have no need for a load of steel billets on my layout anymore. I've sold a couple groups of cars since I made the layout change, but this car hasn't even had any lookers.

I posted a photo of the car in the photo files in a file titled Z Orphan. I named it that so it'd the last photo file and easy to find. I'd like to know why no one is interested in this model.

I plan on having a friend list it on eBay, if it doesn't sell there I may rip out the load and repaint it so I can use the darn thing.
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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