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Clark Propst

Thanks Ed


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The 10'-4" IH Erie 82000-83199/90000-90499 series cars and D&H
17775-17799, all built by AC&F from 10-45 to 8-47, having 4/4 Improved
Dreadnaught Ends (top corrugation shorter than the others) had 14'-10"
height measured from the rail to the top of the running board. Other
box cars with ends having short top corrugations, IC and D&RGW,
measured 14'-11". The similar P&WV 1200-1299 cars with 10'-4" IH are
listed in the ORER as 14'-3", which I don't believe is correct. Most
other cars having 4/4 Improved Dreadnaught Ends typically with IH of
10'-6", including CB&Q and all Canadian cars with the shorter top
corrugation, were listed as either 15' or 15'-1". Thus, the Erie cars
were actually shorter in height by two or three inches.
Ed Hawkins

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