Flat car model

Clark Propst

A few years ago Frank Hodina made a master for a 50' flat car that was owned by the M&StL, MP, and WP. The master, and others, were lost by UPS. Frank is not going to do the flat car over because he figured out how to make his own.

Chad Boas has made a master of this car from a drawing Gene Green made of an M&StL car. Chad will also cast the mold. The model will be one piece with separate stake pockets. The deck will be laser cut.

These two pieces will be offered for sale at $15 + $5 postage. Chad would like a ballpark figure on how many he should make. It only took him a week to do the master so I would think he could have the model available for Lisle.

I can post photos.

Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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