Re: Retaining valves for freight cars

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Al Brown writes-
I perhaps shouldn't admit this, but small styrene rod doesn't long survive interaction with my three right elbows and five left thumbs: so, I use wire. It's slower to install than styrene rod, but I only have to install it once. :-)
Al has this just right. Although I do find the Plastruct 0.010" styrene rod extremely useful for a lot of things, for me it simply does not substitute for good old genuine metal in most instances.

I really like Andy Sperandeo's technique of using 1x2 styrene as a pipe strap stand-in.

Although admittedly I have often used the tiny wire DA eyebolts like a drunken sailor in my modeling, they are indeed remarkably oversized, and worse, look it.


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Okoboji, Iowa

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