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Noel Widdifield <NYCBigFour@...>

The New York Central System Historical Society (NYCSHS) published the first NYCentral Modeler on its website on August 1st. Members and non-members can download it at

It contained several articles and photos of the New York Central System modeling and has received many compliments. Its success is founded on the wonderful contributions made by the authors of the articles. As is true with any magazine, that success can only continue if individuals who are interested in the content, continue to contribute articles.

We are in the process of laying out the next edition and still need a couple of articles to complete the edition. We are also beginning to plan for the next two editions and need articles and photos for those editions as well.

If you are a modeler who models any aspect of the New York Central we would love to have contributions from you. If you model locos, rolling stock, signals, buildings, scenery, track or any other aspect of the New York Central, please send us an email at NYCBigFour@... to obtain the style guide and additional materials that will help you with writing an article.

If you have a layout that models any aspect of the New York Central, we would love to do a feature on your layout. Contact us and we will help you provide the information and photos we would need to feature your railroad.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to share your modeling skills and models with other NYC modelers. Don't miss this chance to show others what you can do or have already done. Whether you are a NYCSHS member or just someone interested in the NYC, we welcome your contribution to this exciting magazine on the web.

We need your help to make the NYCentral Modeler a continuing success. Contact us at NYCBigFour@... and let us include you in an upcoming publication.

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