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Todd Horton

Bruce, I did leave out the BI reweight date, sorry about that. It looks to me that given the data on the car that it must have traveled off line, at least once anyway.  I would be curious how long this car lasted in service and where it may have traveled. Todd

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Todd Horton asked:
"I have a photo of Huntsville Arsenal boxcar #302. Does anyone have any
information on these cars? I assume they were purchased second hand. I would
like to know the original owner and how long they lasted. Here's the dimensional

data off the car sides. IL 35-9 IW 9-3 IH 8-5 CU FT 2793 Built 8-23 CAPY
60000 LD LMT 63700 LT WT 39300 .

Now that the photo is up, I note that you left out the reweigh of B.I. 4-42

The only B.I. I know is Blue Island yard, Illinois... very interesting... If that is the case, that might indicate that the conversion occurred at Blue Island. Given that the car has full interchange markings, I wonder what service it was in?

As for modeling, since these were poultry car conversions, why not start there <VBG> Ye Olde Huff n Puff has HO kits ( that might be a starting place.


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