Re: PRR box cars

Richard Hendrickson

John Nehrich wrote:

But while we are on PRR box cars, didn't all the X29's with REA lettering
get express trucks?
No, in fact most of them kept their original trucks but got wrought steel
wheels and, in at least some cases, coil-elliptic springs.

And while I guess express box cars could travel in
regular trains, I'm guessing that would be uncommon - or would it be
common? - John
More common than you might think. When loaded, they almost always ran in
passenger or mail-express consists, but empty back-hauls were often in
freight trains, and sometimes they were loaded with non-express freight for
the return trip, which is why many express box cars had two sets of weight
data stenciled on them, one for express service and the other for freight

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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