Re: Erie rebuilt box cars

Donald B. Valentine

--- In STMFC@..., "Nelson Moyer" <ku0a@...> wrote:

There is no information about the availability of the Erie car shown, or any
other Speedwich cars on the web site. I ordered two cars in October 2010,
and Ted told me one was due in in July, and there was no word on when the
other would be available. I'm giving Ted another month, and canceling the
order if he can't deliver both cars. A year is long enough to wait.


You might want to at least try to contact Ted for an update of things, Nelson. Given the turmoil he has been through over the past year and that he is now working full time for a major corporation I'm sure his time for Speedwitch has become limited. Thus a little encouragement might do more good than a cancelled order, especially given the quality of what Ted has provided for all of us to date.

Just my two bits worth having experienced similar difficulties over the years, Don Valentine

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