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Tim O'Connor

I found the KC111 page simply with Google: "Speedwitch KC111"
The page came right up.

Also works for

... well you get the idea.

Tim O'Connor

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6d. Re: post-World War II Southern box cars
Posted by: "Anthony Thompson" sigpress
Date: Tue Aug 23, 2011 6:24 pm ((PDT))

Fenton Wells wrote:
Tony, Ted at Speedwitch did three different versions of the Southern
postwar car KC111 ( I'm not sure of the other numbers as his site
dosen't list them anymore) kits, the 23000-23486(SRR) 262040-262049
(CNO&TP) and 307025-307027 (AGS) as well as the NO&NE cars in the
Thanks, Fenton. I wasn't aware of these. The Speedwitch page for
models is currently empty, so we will have to wait for Ted to find
time to update it.
I've been able to find just about anything on Ted's pages by using
the wayback machine at It's a bit clunky but it's
much better than no info.

is the Southern cars...

Craig Zeni
Cary NC

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