GN Airslides, color(s) of lettering


The below has been on the GN group for a few days. I thought I'd bring it here to a wider group.

Athearn has announced GN airslides. The artwork they show if for GN 71904 (series 71900-71909). These were built 11/54 and were GN's first airslides. I thought the herald looked a little funny on their artwork. It turned out that it was, but the investigation has kinda grown:

GN's AFE called for boxcar red paint, RPC Vol. 17 says the paint was black.

The herald may or may not have the typical red background behind the goat--VERY hard to tell.

I'm asking the members of this group if they can help resolve the above conflicts.

Athearn is also planning on doing these cars as GN 71926 and 71947 (series GN 71925-71949). More wondering:

Did these cars have roller bearing trucks like the second GN series or plain like the first?

If they had roller bearing trucks, was that proudly noted as it was on the second series?

Were these cars lettered in the later slant-serif style or the early simple block lettering style?

Inquiring minds want to know (yes, there's actually more than one person who cares).


Edward Sutorik

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