Re: GN Airslides, color(s) of lettering

Tom Birkett <tnbirke@...>


I am and have been a customer of GATX for many years. About 5 years ago I
started trying to gain access to their photo archives, which I assumed to be
in Chicago and assumed to still exist. Through my sales rep who was a 40
year veteran at the time I learned that their PR Department controlled
access. Repeated calls were not returned so I gave up.

Subsequently I have been told that all the historical records and photos
went into a dumpster some years ago. I expect that one of the public
libraries in the Sharon, PA area probably has some tank car photos, but I
haven't found the right one to ask yet.

The freight car business at E. Chicago may have a different outcome, but I
am beginning to wonder if there is anything anywhere. Would they have been
so thoughtful as AC&F.

Thomas N. Birkett, PE

Bartlesville, OK

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