Re: Duryea coupler pockets.

Tim O'Connor

Ted's roster of Duryea equipped freight cars and a drawing of a flat car

Also see Mainline Modeler Feb 1986 which has a drawing for application to
a 1932 ARA box car, plus photos.

Other references:

Train Shed Cyclopedia #75, page 385 - gondola drawings
Train Shed Cyclopedia #75, page 386 - twin hopper drawings

Tim O'


To simulate a Duryea underframe you may want to consider modeling the
end of the center sill and the center sill guides that slide on
"hangers" attached to the end sill. For the Duryea underframe, the end
of the center sill extended about 7" further from the end than a
traditional striker plate. And yes, you want to use scale couplers and
draft gear. The model of the B&O M-53 from WrightTrak captures this detail.

There are photos of a M-53 on the B&O Yahoo Group that has several views
of the ends of the center sill. I am not sure if you need to be a member
to view them.

Bob Witt

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