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I don't think so.  The article was in the March, 1955 Model Railroader.  If I remember correctly, the Stevens car was a single wooden  tank on a steel frame and was used to carry mineral water.  The Ambroid/Northeastern kit (and I have one too waiting to be built) had two tanks on a steel frame (which of course lacked rivet detail) and was lettered with silk screen for A. M. Richter. 

John B. Allyn
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While we are on the subject of wooden vinegar cars, does anyone have any details of the prototype history etc of the Northeastern vinegar tank car kit. I've got one and will eventually get around to building it.

I've got a museum photo of one that is similar but would be interested to know how accurate the kit is and any history of potential prototypes.

Barry Bennett
Wasn't this car kit based on the one Eric Stevens did a construction article for in Model Railroader back in the mid-1950's?
Not sure but wondering.

Don Valentine

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