Re: Intermountain 1958 Covered Hopper

Tim O'Connor

See Mainline Modeler, May 1993 for a builder photo of M&StL 70051.

The IM model is based on the ACF design. On the version of the
prototype car that IM produces, one distinguishing difference is the
locking bar arrangement. The ACF design had a single L-shaped rod that
held each hatch cover in the closed position. Cars built by
Pullman-Standard and GATC had two of these L-shaped rods per hatch.

I'm not positive buy IM might have developed a second locking bar
arrangement for P-S and GATC cars since they were so prevalent.

The 10 M&StL cars built in 1940 by GATC were discussed in a Mainline
Modeler article (July 1993). A drawing is provided but no photos.
Builder's photos of 70051 from series 70051-70069 (odd) show the cars
were painted black. Stencils were probably white but could also be
aluminum. They had two L-shaped rods per hatch, the middle section of
the sides were open, Apex running boards, Equipco hand brakes, and
70-ton double-truss spring-plankless trucks.

Ed Hawkins

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