Re: Westerfield Kits - Heinz Vinegar Tank

Dave Nelson

Operationally speaking, Vinegar production in the steam era was usually
associated with Yeast production, vinegar being a byproduct. So if you know
of a Fleishman or in later years, Standard Brand's yeast factory (there was
one in East Oakland, CA), odds are good they also shipped vinegar. Yeast
may not seem like much of a product, but every large bread bakery needed
plenty and so the bigger the city, the better the odds a Standard Brands
yeast plant was near. As for vinegar consumption, it wasn't just for
pickling cucumbers -- making Catsup calls for plenty too.

Dave Nelson

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If you look on Al's website you will find that Al produced a number of
pickle cars, but no vinegar cars. The Vinegar car that Sunshine produced is
so complex that even Ted Culotta had a time building it. He did a great job
with it, but it is not a kit for the newbie to build nor for the faint

Tom Olsen
Newark, Delaware, 19711

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