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Randy Hammill

John -

Will the decals work for earlier schemes as well? Does anything in the kitbash need to be changed if modeling c1946 through to 1953?

Thanks -

Randy Hammill

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The MRHA Hormel cars are from the series built in 1940 and are in the post 1953 paint scheme. Multiple car numbers are available via overlay decals.

John Greedy

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John, of the MRHA cars, what years are they accurate for?
Build date being most important. Photos on the website are rather small to read any data. Thanks, Jim Dick - St. Paul

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Time to start thinking about Cocoa Beach. There is still time to build those Hormel cars from the 2011 Shake-N-Take. If you need decals they are still available from 5th Avenue Car Shops. See the Shake-N-Take YahooGroups web site for details (decal orders and Hormel how-to instructions).

An alternate approach for the Hormel cars is to begin with a prepainted and lettered car. Check out the Milwaukee Road Historical Association web site ( "Company Store" for fully decorated Hormel cars.

Hope to see many Hormel cars at ProtRails 2012. I have 3 cars completed and several more nearing completion on my work bench (early scheme with original board roof, early scheme with outside metal roof, later scheme with outside metal roof).

John Greedy

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