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Dennis Williams

I built 5 of them. The 1st was the problem car, after that,, they were easy. Dennis.

On Thu Sep 1st, 2011 7:01 AM PDT Pierre wrote:

So I've seen now multiple references to the "difficulties" in building the vinegar tank car kit from Sunshine.
While it is indeed not a first timer kit, nor is it a simple kit, I feel that it is unfairly getting a reputation as a massively difficult kit. I've now built 3 of them and between reading Bill Darnaby's suggested building process and just plain thinking it through, 3 rather nice cars have resulted. If you approach the task logically it's really not that difficult.
And I can further state without hesitation, that there are other resin kits out there that are far worse and very badly thought out by the kit maker.
I guess, I'm asking/suggesting that we reconsider "bashing " the vinegar tank car kit.
Pierre Oliver

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I believe our own Denny Anspach is a veteran of the wars required to build
one of the Sunshine cars.


If you look on Al's website you will find that Al produced a number of
pickle cars, but no vinegar cars. The Vinegar car that Sunshine produced is
so complex that even Ted Culotta had a time building it. He did a great job
with it, but it is not a kit for the newbie to build nor for the faint

Tom Olsen
Newark, Delaware, 19711

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