Re: FGE in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York

Bryan Busséy

The Pennsylvania (50% partner with the NYNH&H of the New York Connecting
Railroad and owner of the LIRR) also operated in Kings County and Queens
County as well as New York County. I don't know if there was an FGE
icing station in New York City Proper other than Oak Point.


On 9/2/2011 2:49 PM, lnbill wrote:

Yes thanks Byron, I was intending to ask about that. My database of
FGE Icing stations shows two Icing locales on the NYNH&H--Maybrook, NY
(Regular, Al-Year, Initial & Reicing) and Oak Point, NY (Emergency,
Al-Year, Initial & Reicing)--so I thought it must have trackage in New

Maybrook is in Orange County. I have figured out where Oak Point is yet.

Bill Welch

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The NYNH&H also operated in New York: The Maybrook Line (Orange,
Dutchess) and the Main Line (Westchester, Bronx, Queens, Kings, New


On 9/2/2011 12:04 PM, Bill Schneider wrote:

Here's a start Bill. I'm sure that others can fill in some blanks.

Bill Schneider

Erie Railroad Co. - New York -

Nickel Plate âEUR" New York -

Long Island Railroad Co. âEUR" New York âEUR" Kings, Bronx,
Queens, Nassau,

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Co. âEUR" Connecticut
(all) âEUR"
Litchfield, New Haven, Middlesex, Hartford, Tolland, New London and
New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Co. âEUR" Massachusetts
âEUR" Hampden,
Berkshire, Barnstaple, Plymouth, Bristol, Norfolk, Suffolk, Middlesex,
Worcester, Hampshire.

New York, Ontario & Western Railway Co. âEUR" New York âEUR"
Orange, Sullivan,
Ulster, Delaware, Ostego, Oneida, Oswego, Rockland Counties (maybe
a few
smaller ones as well)

Pennsylvania Railroad Co. âEUR" New York âEUR" Chemung, Schuyler,
Seneca, Wayne,
Cattaraugus, Erie, (maybe others)

Staten Island Rapid Transit Ry. - New York âEUR" Richmond County (?)

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Subject: [STMFC] FGE in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York


Using the list of FGE contracted railroads from my message # 102650
as a reference, can those of you familiar with the railroads with
trackage in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York, please send me
a message identifying which ones operated in each of the three
states. I know the Long Island Railroad served Suffolk County and the
Staten Island Rapid Transit served Staten Island/Richmond County. I
realize some may be obvious but in this case I would appreciate it
you assume I know nothing.

Further, if you know which counties the particular RR's in question
served in each state that would be very helpful also. I have USDA
info with loadings by county and I am trying to sort out who would
have been loading "what" and "when?"

Thanks in advance for your help!
Bill Welch
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