Re: FGE in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York

Tim O'Connor

I'm curious, why would there be an icing station in the Bronx?
Wouldn't the Bronx be a -destination- for refrigerator cars, and
not so much an origin, or transit point? Was it common to have
icing stations at destinations?

Tim O'Connor

The Pennsylvania (50% partner with the NYNH&H of the New York Connecting
Railroad and owner of the LIRR) also operated in Kings County and Queens
County as well as New York County. I don't know if there was an FGE
icing station in New York City Proper other than Oak Point.


Yes thanks Byron, I was intending to ask about that. My database of
FGE Icing stations shows two Icing locales on the NYNH&H--Maybrook, NY
(Regular, Al-Year, Initial & Reicing) and Oak Point, NY (Emergency,
Al-Year, Initial & Reicing)--so I thought it must have trackage in New

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