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Bill Schneider


My guess (and it’s only a guess) is that the New York icing facilities would be for cars being interchanged or held for the numerous car float connections. That well known expert of everything (!) Wikipedia lists some of the operations here:

Bill Schneider

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Your question gets at the heart of just one of the many questions I am trying to sort out about FGE operations. They would have been carrying Cranberries headed west and south, hence possibly the reason for the facility at Oak Brook. (What else were they growing in Conn. and Mass., anyone?) Another seeming anomaly: the B&O had a "Regular, All Year, Initial & Re-Icing" facility at St George on Staten Island. I am trying to figure out what they were growing on Staten Island that the SIRT railroad and the B&O were shipping out.

A Reference Librarian at Cornell's Mann Library, their Agricultural Library, is trying to help me with such questions about New York produce.

Bill Welch

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I'm curious, why would there be an icing station in the Bronx?
Wouldn't the Bronx be a -destination- for refrigerator cars, and
not so much an origin, or transit point? Was it common to have
icing stations at destinations?

Tim O'Connor

The Pennsylvania (50% partner with the NYNH&H of the New York Connecting
Railroad and owner of the LIRR) also operated in Kings County and Queens
County as well as New York County. I don't know if there was an FGE
icing station in New York City Proper other than Oak Point.


Yes thanks Byron, I was intending to ask about that. My database of
FGE Icing stations shows two Icing locales on the NYNH&H--Maybrook, NY
(Regular, Al-Year, Initial & Reicing) and Oak Point, NY (Emergency,
Al-Year, Initial & Reicing)--so I thought it must have trackage in New

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