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Nelson Moyer <ku0a@...>

I paint the underside of my freight cars and trucks the same color that the
prototype did when that information is available. For the CB&Q, that was
usually mineral red (a.k.a. Indian red) overall, including trucks for box
car, stock cars, gondolas, and way cars during the steam era. I use chalk,
drybrush, and airbrush for most weathering effects, depending upon the type
and age of the car and type of service. I like the idea of being to achieve
different weathering effects on new car paint, rather than starting with a
generic grimy black underside, which tends to produce too much uniformity
among cars.

Nelson Moyer

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What is the consensus regarding painting the underside of steam era freight
cars? To date, I've painted all grimy black with a touch to a blast of
"earthy" weathering.
John F. Cizmar

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