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Bill Welch

Thank you Ben for giving me more accurate information. Given there is no alternative, is the Bowser truck a good stand-in for the 50-ton truck.

Bill Welch

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Bill Welch wrote:
"Some groups of the PRR R7 reefer were built with their "Crown
Trucks," which seems like overkill if they used the same 70-ton
version designed for their open top cars. From what I can tell these
trucks were otherwise used only for hoppers cars. Am I correct about

Not really.  The Crown trucks used for Class R7 were a 50-ton version (Class

"Does anyone know why the Pennsy used this truck on the R7's?"

Probably because it was a 50-ton truck that they liked at the time.  According
to a Truck Classification tracing dated 6/23/1922 (Revised 1/18/1923), these
trucks were found on the following classes of cars:
FM, GLA, GP, GPA, GS, GSA, GSC, GSD, GR, GRA, H21, H22, K7, KF, KFA, R7, RF, XL,
XLA, XLB, XLC, XM, X23, X24, X25, X25A

Disclaimer: PRR Truck Classification documents show which classes had a given
truck; they do not show which or how many cars were equipped with that truck
(except in one case in a 1962 list - Class X29 express boxcars equipped with GSC

"Bowser makes the only version of this in 1/87th, correct?"

Yes, but (in a reversal of what's normally encountered for HO scale trucks until
recently), it is not a 50-ton truck.

Ben Hom

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