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Any photo of a PRR H39a will show Crown trucks in use on cars built post 1957. The H39 class cars were built by outside vendors (Bethlehem, Greenville, etc.) with ASF Type A-3 trucks while the H39a were built in the PRR Sam Rea shops circa 1959-60 and rode on recycled crown trucks salvaged from scraped H21a family of cars.

Rich Orr

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Tim, see Guy Wilbur's post #44071. He gives the date for T, L, and I sideframe
ban as Jan. 1, 1957.

Andrews and Vulcan trucks could be made with either L or U section side frames.
The U section versions would have survived past 1957. But then, if photos can't
be found...

Brian Leppert
Tahoe Model Works
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