D&RGW box car end lettering


Recently put together a Sunshine Rio Grande box car with what looks like three doors although there are only two. Trying to clear shelf space because of the up coming meet at Lisle. Don't expect to buy any kits, but that will probably not hold up.

In photos you can see five lines of lettering on the lower part of the ends. I can't read them but I expected to put them in the same order as on the decal sheet. However while cutting them out I notice that the top two lines say 1-W WROT STL WHLS and the second line CAST IRON WHLS. Is this correct? Seems strange to call out two different types of wheels. If the Rio Grande actually did this, I have no problem doing it too.

This line is not primary with me, so I don't have enough reference material for this car. Who can have it all!

Walt Stafa
Columbus, Oh.

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