PRR Queen Anne MD car check book

Douglas Harding

Group, SPF needed! I recently acquired a Pennsylvania Railroad "Daily Check
of Cars and Record of Seals" book. The book was used in Queen Anne, MD,
Jan-May 1949. I have transcribed the book to an Excel spreadsheet and
uploaded it to the group files. Look for "PRR Queen Anne MD car seal book".
It lists all cars in Queen Anne at 8am each day, and their contents. I am
not sure about some of the contents, handwriting was in pencil and difficult
to decipher at times. Based on cars listed in April it is obvious that some
track work was being done that year.

From Google maps it appears there were two railroads or two lines in town.
One railroad it turns out was the Baltimore and Eastern Railroad. The
Baltimore and Eastern Railroad (B&E) operated several light density branch
lines east of Chesapeake Bay on the Delmarva peninsula. It was owned and
operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad. Hence the need for a SPF.

Most days had notations indicating some cars as B&E cars. I finally found
some notations with B&E in the location column, so I have added that
notation in the location column for each car so designated. It would appear
the cars noted as B&E cars are most likely on B&E trackage or are for
interchange with the B&E. A good share of them were emptys.

Anyone familiar with the area? What railroads beside the Baltimore and
Eastern (B&E) were in Queen Anne MD? And how many trains each day? What
industries? The Delmarva peninsula, is/was home to a large number of poultry
farms and truck farms (vegetables and produce). Which would explain the
large number of cars loaded with feed coming from the Midwest. Also
interesting is the wide variety of road names represented by hoppers
containing coal.

I share it with the group, as it gives a good picture of freight cars and
freight car traffic in a somewhat isolated location. Hopefully our various
freight car experts can begin determining the heritage of the cars. I have
already notified Clark of the one M&StL, a boxcar, listed so he can note it
in his presentation at Lisle.

Doug Harding

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