Re: PRR Queen Anne MD car check book

Dennis Storzek

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From Google maps it appears there were two railroads or two lines in town.
One railroad it turns out was the Baltimore and Eastern Railroad. The
Baltimore and Eastern Railroad (B&E) operated several light density branch
lines east of Chesapeake Bay on the Delmarva peninsula. It was owned and
operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad. Hence the need for a SPF.

Most days had notations indicating some cars as B&E cars. I finally found
some notations with B&E in the location column, so I have added that
notation in the location column for each car so designated. It would appear
the cars noted as B&E cars are most likely on B&E trackage or are for
interchange with the B&E. A good share of them were empties.

One comment; If the "B&E" was being operated by the PRR, then technically this wasn't an interchange, as the term implies a transfer between different operating companies. More likely the "B&E" had become local shorthand for the old B&E trackage, and possibly the job that serviced it, so the notation B&E simply gave the location of the cars, or defined that they were lined up for the B&E job.


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